Art by Martin Clarke (Glistening) - Set of 4

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Four Handmade Coasters suitable to use inside and out. Simply wipe clean with a cloth.

About the Artist: Martin Clarke: 

I'm an ordinary bloke with  an extraordinay interest in painting. I've been told I'm talented, but I have to disagree. It's not talent, it's a knowledge and love of the subject, it's painting many, many pieces, it's making mistakes and learning from them, it's observing the light and the colour, it's the hope and belief that the next piece is going to be your best piece,  it's the constant, unending striving for the perfection you know you will never attain, but for which you reach nonetheless.  I came to painting late, only picking up a brush in mid 2001 for the first time ever, after an education and career in science.  Since then I've been painting madly. Lots of catching up to do!

I'm fascinated by water, the coast and waves, the result of many years of surfing and searching for that perfect wave. Along the way I have picked up a pretty good knowledge of the ocean, and I'm  interested with the way light can interact with the ocean, or with lots of objects for that matter. Light plays a major role in my work, the way it shapes and colours form, the way it can reflect and refract, causing a dazzling bright or a warm and mysterious dark. 

People ask where my inspiration comes from.
Have you ever walked on to a beach on an early Summer's morning, and seen the ripples dance over the multicoloured shallows with a dark ocean beckoning beyond?  If you have, you know where my inspiration comes from. If you haven't, I hope my work can help to take you there.

The proximity of and a close affinity with the ocean has prompted seascapes to become the favoured subject, exclusively with oils, delighting in the longer open time and the blending possibilities, often on large canvases.

My studio is in Mandurah, Western Australia. Most of my seascapes come from these areas, but I am always travelling to find new vistas and inspiration.

You can follow Martins work via instagram @martinclarke or see all of his works at

The Coasters: Orders will typically take 5-7 days to make plus 2-5 days shipping within Australia and up to 6 days for America.

Each tile coaster has been hand finished by using quality ceramic tiles, digital and card scrapbook papers and designer papers, paint, glue & multiple coats of a high quality environmentally friendly polyurethane sealer, to create a hard wearing enamel type finish. Each coaster has coloured felt on the reverse side for protection and to reflect the colours in the papers.